Rules and Info


I am sure I may add to this, but for the time being the rules are simple.

This is MY site.

My opinions are just that- my opinions.  I respect that everyone has their own opinions as well and they are welcome here as long as they are reflected in an appropriate manner.

I will NOT tolerate flaming, trolling, attempts to invalidate my or anyone else’s beliefs or opinions, or bashing of myself or anyone else based on religious beliefs, political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, eye color, hair length, underwear style, or what kind of dog they have.

This is a site about alternative reality genres such as Steampunk.  If you are here solely to inform everyone that “steampunk sucks”, then you can move along and not waste your time.  Be assured, your posts will be deleted.


Along with my own work, I will be posting web-finds as well as reposting from other sites.  If you see something that is yours that is not credited, let me know and I will correct the issue.  If you would like something removed for any reason, as disappointed as I may be, I will comply.

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