Balancing Act

The problem with ADD is that you tend to have too many hobbies and projects going, so it is hard to concentrate on just one at times.  As this is my new website (I have many pet project sites, but I feel this is one in which I will invest more effort than I typically do),  I have been working on this while trying to ensure I get my school work (programming) done properly, as well as working on another website for a relative, working on a few music tracks, and trying to remedy my current unemployment status.

I have also been working on a couple/few stories that I hope may eventually get to a decent enough size to consider publishing.  But recently, partially as a result of my artistic motivations regarding the themes of Wind-up Utopia, I have been compiling resources for two projects lines.  One is altered art crafting of various mediums, but particularly Steampunk-style items…you know, brass, leather, gears, etc.

The other is a(nother) writing project.  I was originally aiming for a more novel-length epic kind of story but I think I may cut it down to a series of short stories with a bigger plotline throughout.  Naturally, whatever I do, I will make it available here.  I am hoping by that time I may have some followers.


here is a random (unrelated) photo from an article I found at

As much as I appreciate the artistry in this piece, the use of the term “Steampunk” in this situation only reminds me that I need to post something addressing my views on the actual functionality of Steampunk elements in a lot of the art that people call “Steampunk.”

"Steampunk" workstation

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