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So I just saw a trailer for the new Jonah Hex movie.  Well, I actually saw it the other day but I just saw it again and it reminded me to post about it.  I wasn’t quite sure because Josh Brolin has never been my favorite actor in any of the movies in which I have seen him.  (That is, of course, with the exception of The Goonies, which is just a badass classic all around.)  But this movie looks kind of cool.  It seems they are definitely hitting heavy on the Steampunk theme, similar (from what I have seen) to Wild Wild West, which I liked as well.

I will admit that they will probably rely a lot on special effects, and yet again Hollywood seems to be looking to comic book storylines for their movie ideas because they apparently are scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything to make a buck.  I am typically more interested in independent and foreign films that rely on actual content rather than cheap (or expensive in this case) crowd pleasers for the general public willing to fork over $10.  But, as I do have an avid interest in the particular genre that a movie like this is representing, at least in part, I feel I may be entertained enough to be worth the expense.   Sometimes it is nice just to sit and veg out to some mindless action-adventure type flicks.

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