AnomalyCon 3

One quick post that I do want to get done right now is about an upcoming event that I am attending with the Denver Victorian & Steampunk Society (DVSS) in a couple of weeks – AnomalyCon 3.  It is March 29-31 at the Denver Tech Center DoubleTree Hotel.

They recently posted the schedule, but at least a couple of us agreed it was not formatted very well.  I don’t know if they plan on having a printed version that is formatted better when we get there, but I kind of wanted to see the everything in a format where I can decide what sessions I want to attend.  So I decided to do a bit of a reformat as an Excel spreadsheet.  I may play with it some more, maybe to ensure it prints well if needed, but I think it at least looks better now than it does on their site.

AnomalyCon_Schedule (Excel 2007-2010)

AnomalyCon_Schedule (Excel 2003)

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