Back (Hopefully)

I have always had a problem keeping up on things like blogs.  I try but always end up neglecting them, especially when I get busy with more important things like work and school (and music and gaming…).  But I am hopeful now that I am actually in a different place now, and part of a SteamPunk group, so there is more motivation for me to work on this blog.  I am still very busy with work and school, but I also have more of a social life now that I have moved.

SO… a couple of things that will address here, and then I will follow up later.  The first thing is that I know this blog is horribly out of date in many ways.  I need to update the core and add-ons, which I will do soon.  I also logged back in to  find an inordinate number of spam comments, so many that I resorted to running a database query to purge some posts and all of the comments.  I still need to find a comment system that works well, so for now I am not accepting comments.  There also seem to be a couple of my older posts that are screwed up because of dead links that I need to fix.  I am, however, keeping the look and format of the site for the time being, basically because I like it and I remember it took a while to put it together.

I will try to post a bunch in the near future to update on all of the changes to my life recently, more specifically related to this site.

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