Talk about neglecting my site; I have gotten so busy that I just have not even thought about this site recently. I am in a new course in school that requires a bit more attention then before; I have been working on one website for someone else as well as a new website for my guild; I got back into WoW because I felt my guild needs me; plus I have been beta testing two other games. I like to stretch myself a bit at times.

Anyway, I do have something relevant to post here. The other night I happened to catch one of my favorite films on cable. I have no idea why I do not have it in my collection, but seeing it definitely served as a reminder that I need to pick it up. The film is Brazil. I am sure most people who may read this have seen the film, but if not it is a must-see. There is something about the surreality of the whole thing, but it has always been a reference in my mind when I try to visualize a certain atmosphere for some stories. Though there are arguments of the “steampunk” attributes of certain elements like the computers (possibly more wirepunk), many are obviously influenced by the film in their creation of Steampunk art, such as the computer keyboards from old typewriters.


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