Clockpunk W101

I play a lot of games, particularly MMOs.  I have played and tested many, but only a few keep me interested more than the rest.  The two games that have rated highest on my interest scale are EQ2 and WoW, both of which I have played more than others.  But, for an unusual change of pace, there is another which I have been playing more of recently.  It is called Wizard101, and is aimed to gaming families.  Yes, it is a lot different than the usual lineup of action MMOs that I have played, but I find it unusually addicting.

Basically you are a growing wizard, exploring different worlds in the Spiral, and battling enemies in a turn-based, card-battle style.  Now I do like some trading card games, particularly Magic: The Gathering, but I have never been a huge fan of turn-based games.  But for some reason I enjoy this.

I have recently cleared one world called Marleybone (I am sure as a play on Marylebone), which is a 19th century London-style setting with characters like Sherlock Bones and the end boss Meowiarty.  Yes it sounds a bit silly, but I think they did a relatively good job with incorporating classic characters and themes.  Anyway, there are a number of elements which are very clockpunkian (if that is a word), such as the propeller-driven airships that take you to the different zones, the clockwork mobs and bosses, and even the inside of the Big Ben tower.

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