Though they will most likely be making their 2010 release, certainly not the June 2010 release, I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming release of Syberia III.  (I generally dislike referring to wikipedia, but there is no good page for the game on the Microïds site).  I dug up my old copies of Syberia and Syberia II recently as a result of my revived motivations to involve myself in my current hobbies and have been playing them when I have time.  Along with the Myst series, Syberia has always been one of my favorite games, though it does seem a bit antiquated after testing and playing so many new PC games.  But I still absolutely love the environments and clockpunk feel.  It is definitely a series I would recommend for anyone who likes steampunk/clockpunk themes and has not played it.  And look out for Syberia III on PC and PS3 sometime probably at the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011.


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